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Grants Mentions

Do You Know Someone that Deserves a Warm Home this Winter

The 2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme is closed. Check here for updates  Do You Know Someone that Deserves a Warm Home this Winter? • Deadline Approaching for the Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme • Help Vulnerable People Stay Warm this Winter Under the 2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme, eligible homeowners in Tipperary can get their homes

Future Proof Your Home with up to 40% Financial Support

Tipperary Energy Agency is looking for 20 homes to be part of the Super Homes pilot funding project which aims to lower their energy bills by a massive 50% – 70%. We are looking for early adopters to take part in this project to lead the way to sustainable housing. Homeowners will receive up to

Subsidised Insulation Scheme for Tipperary Homes

The 2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes scheme is now closed. Check for updates here Homeowners in Tipperary can now avail of a subsidised insulation scheme as part of the 2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme. This will make homes warmer and more comfortable to live in, plus cheaper to run.  The following is included in this scheme:

Grants Available for Businesses to Invest in Energy Efficiency

Notifying all businesses! – Grants are available in 2014! Now is the perfect time to invest in energy efficiency. Prices are reasonable, the SEAI Better Energy Communities grant scheme is available for suitable projects and Tipperary Energy Agency is ready to assist you in applying successfully for it. Tipperary Energy Agency will be assisting suitable