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Prior Identification Notice – Insulate Tipp & SuperHomes

Short description
BEC/ BEF 2017 – Energy Retrofit Works for the “Insulate Tipp” and “Superhomes” programmes

No response is expected to this document, and a tender notice shall be published on E-tenders website.

Detailed description
Tipperary Energy Agency has been acting on behalf of communities and citizens of Tipperary for the last 10 years in supporting the retrofit of homes and businesses through a variety of local, national and European funded Initiatives. In 2013 – 2016 the Tipperary energy agency launched the “Tipperary Warmer Homes/ Insulate Tipp” scheme and in 2015 the “SuperHomes” project that provided deep retrofit measures. This Prior information Notice sets the intention of the Tipperary Energy Agency to procure a range of measures for 2017 to support the delivery of similar schemes (subject to funding). It is the intention of the agency to establish a framework of contractors to complete large scale retrofit works to a large number of houses. The exact number and type of contractors awarded will depend on available works and funding. The works will consist of: – Roof, external and cavity wall insulation. – Renewable energy heating systems (Heat pumps and biomass boilers). – Airtightness and ventilation (HRV/ DCV/ PIV) systems. – Solar Photovoltaic systems; – Lighting retrofit systems; – Low Energy Doors and Windows; – Wood burning stoves; – Other associated works; Pricing of measures will be either a standard price per measure or mini- competition based and will utilise TEA’s online upgrade management system. Contractors who wish to prepare for this tender should ensure they are familiar with installation of the above systems and products. They should also ensure they are accredited to install the measures (either national or manufacturers installation certifications). No response is expected to this document, and a tender notice shall be published on E-tenders website. Tipperary Energy Agency may hold a meet the buyer event through a notice via Etenders.

Contract tender work opportunities are listed below when available.