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SuperHomes Deep Retrofit Scheme


*This scheme is now closed. For current funding information visit our funding page here*

The SuperHomes Deep Retrofit Scheme 2017 is open to Tipperary homeowners with solely Solid Mass Concrete properties (Typically ex Council houses constructed between 1920 – 1965). The aim of the scheme is to move the homeowner away from fossil fuel heating systems and replace with a heat pump, along with other measures that will raise the Building Energy Rating to a near A3 (or as near as possible.) This will provide the homeowner with a warmer home; lowering running costs and energy consumption. It is run by Tipperary Energy Agency and is funded under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Better Energy Communities Program and Electric Ireland.

This retrofit is of significant value, estimated €40,000 – €50,000 per home and is 95% funded from the state.

Who is Eligible?
Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria

• The home must be 100m2 or less
• The scheme is only open to Tipperary homeowners with a solid mass concrete property. (Typically constructed between 1920-1965)

• Persons must also be in receipt of one of the following supplements:
1. Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme.
2. Jobseekers Allowance for more than the past 6 months and have children under 7 years of age.
3. Family Income Supplement.
4. One Parent Family Payment.

• The application will depend on a site survey to ascertain suitability. A site survey does not guarantee successful application.

• The homeowner must agree to all of the recommended works.

• The homeowner must pay €2500 towards the cost of works. A fee of €100 is paid for the initial survey at the outset of the scheme with the balance being paid upon signing of works contracts.

The homeowners must to agree to research:
1. Energy and performance Research by TEA and third level universities
2 Agree to host at least 1 showcase visit for up to 10 people (Officials, Householders etc.) to showcase the works.

Qualifying Applicants will avail of all of the following measures:
• External Wall Insulation
• Attic Insulation
• Energy Saving Windows
• Energy Saving Doors
• Heat Pump
• Possible replacement of radiators (dependent on existing radiators)
• Ventilation system
• Energy monitoring
• Air leakage reduction.
• Removal of all combustion appliances (open fire, gas, oil). Homeowner can retain Wood burning stove.
• Replacement of hot water cylinder and pipework.

Total Cost to homeowner – €2500

plus €100 survey fee which is refunded if your application is successful.

This scheme has limited availability. Inclusion onto the scheme is dependent on eligibility of both the applicant and the property. We cannot guarantee inclusion onto this scheme. *Stone wall constructed houses are not accepted on this scheme.