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Expression of Interest – Better Energy Communities 2018






Please select what best describes this property*:

Other, please specify:

How much are your electricity costs per year (estimated)?*

How much are your oil/gas costs per year (estimated)?*

Do you have any potential energy efficient projects in mind? Please give details.*

Do you have an energy audit/assessment of the proposed works already completed?*

How did you hear about Better Energy Community Funding?
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  • a) All applicants must at application stage provide a current tax clearance certificate.
  • b) All applicants must at application stage provide a letter from Revenue stating the VAT status
  • c) All contractors must be procured in a manner to demonstrate value for money.
  • d) All works must be completed, paid for & proof of remittance provided within the timeframe to be supplied by SEAI.
  • e) The Applicant must demonstrate that they will provide full payment to all contractors for the works and then claim the grant.
  • f) Energy Credits associated with the projects will be signed over to NTLP