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Green Trip to Holland with Tipperary Energy Agency

HollandAs part of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership, eight lucky applicants traveled, along with Tipperary Energy Agency’s Richard Morton, to Holland earlier in the month.

Some of the highlights of the trip included visits to De Cluft, which is a social initiative/community centre. De Cluft has been active since 1977 and plays an important role for both young and old with courses such as flower arranging, painting, pottery, computer training, dancing gymnastics and crafts.

Participants on the trip also visited Landgoed Scholtenszathe which is an agricultural enterprise where the group gotGreen Trip to learn about agricultural technology and sustainable energy as well as a visit to Drenthe College. While at Drenthe College, participants took part in a workshop and learned about financing local energy initiatives.
One of the group members, Barry McCarron, commented at the end of the trip, “I found the trip really good and enjoyable. It was great platform for networking and knowledge transfer. The only negative was that it was too short.”

The trip was a huge success and enjoyed by all. To keep up to date with any future trips sign up for our newsletter here.

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