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Tipperary health pilot project set to transform health & home


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Tipperary Energy Agency has received funding from SEAI & Electric Ireland to administer an innovative retrofit pilot scheme. The SuperHomes Health Pilot Scheme is aimed at Tipperary homeowners who are living with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or asthma (over 55 or under 12 & in receipt of certain supplements) and whose property is of solid mass concrete construction. This exciting new scheme will enable people to upgrade their home to a near A3 standard with 95% funding from the state. The main purpose is to replace all existing combustion appliances with a heat pump & ventilation system; ridding the home of damp also reducing dust and removing fumes which are known to exacerbate serious respiratory health issues. Along with many other home energy upgrades such as insulation and new energy efficient windows & doors, the scheme will undoubtedly transform the home and drastically improve the comfort and health of the occupants.  Eleven homeowners could avail of these upgrades providing they meet all of the criteria. If you know someone who might meet the conditions, please encourage them to apply before 30th May 2017. Application forms, GP referral form & fact sheets can be downloaded from our website.