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Paul Kenny attends the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Our C.E.O, Paul Kenny attended the Oireachtas Committee on Communications Climate Action and Environment yesterday, March 5th. The session debated the Microgeneration Support Scheme Bill.

“The energy transition is not one technology, one investor or one government policy. The energy transition must happen to every house, every journey, every building and every citizen. In order for the transition to take hold, every one of these opportunities must be taken. Each regulatory decision, each funding program, each communication opportunity, each piece of legislation. The committee and members of this house will be well aware of the disconnection between citizens and climate action. It is huge. Every opportunity the state has approached to engage citizens in the energy transition, it has approached it in such a manner as to ensure citizens are not engaged. This needs to change. Micro-generation is one of those opportunities.”

The full submission is available to read here or you can watch Paul’s piece below: