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ACE – Academy of Champions of Europe

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Renewable Energy,

ACE - Academy of Champions of EuropeAce is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries (Ireland, UK, NW France, Belgium, and The Netherlands). It promotes the importance of renewable energy in everyday life to citizens, businesses, universities and local government – the idea is, if the right information is provided there will be an increased uptake of renewable energy.

TEA Tipp Tour--24Ace is about co-operation. Utilities, energy supply companies, businesses, local government and energy users as well as other energy actors are developing their own separate strategies for renewable energy. A lack of co-ordination and sharing of knowledge among various North West European communities has lead to limited success in the renewable energy sector within Europe. Ace will address this information gap by informing and educating the public on how to switch from conventional fossils fuels to renewable energy resources.

Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is the building block on which our futures must be built. When Energy Champions come together they will make things happen through collaboration. The academy uses resources already available within our communities rather than more technical solutions. Using community resources can be very effective as technical solutions often have a high upfront cost yet still don’t address the key issues associated with increasing uptake of renewable energy. Ace enables this collaboration energy champions & other relevant energy actors. The result will be a more closely-linked EU network that will benefit citizens in this region.


  • Ensure political and scientific stakeholders meet and form strategies for Renewable Energy in North West Europe together
  • Champions and stakeholders associated with Ace will excel by learning and mentoring each other, this will be achieved through staff exchanges, workshops etc.
  • Three demonstration sites which are exemplar and can be replicated in other European regions
  • Development of innovative business models for community based sustainable energy projects
  • Creation a marketing plan for renewable energy which will include a communications and public engagement strategy for across North West Europe
  • An Academy Award Ceremony which will recognise outstanding renewable energy champions across the participating North West European Countries.

Our Role

As part of the consortium, our role within ACE is to reduce barriers to renewables in Tipperary and Ireland. This could be achieving in a number of ways:

  • Convincing decision makers of the merit of Renewables
  • Supporting Communities, Public and Private Initiatives that include Renewables.
  • Produce a methodology for local resource and demand identification
  • Research the economic and employment benefit of Renewables
  • Transferring skills across the consortium to enable increase renewable integration.

Important Updates


  • Ace Awards – 28th of November 2014

The Ace Awards recognise initiatives, organisations and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy transition. Preliminary competitions are held in each region: Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Winners from each of the 3 categories from each region will qualify to enter the high profile European Academy Awards finale. The Ace partners will be the transnational jury for all Academy Award contests in the five countries. The winners in each category will be exemplary projects, and all finalists will become energy champions and an integral addition to the Academy of Champions for Energy.



Templederry Community Wind Farm – Case Study

Wood Chip, Willow and Energy Efficiency – Gurteen College Case Study

ESCO, Biomass, Energy Efficiency and Water Treatment Facility – Coolbawn Case study

Green Paper Submission – Tipperary Energy Communities 

County Energy Balance and Resources

The methodology specifies steps to take in order to produce a local energy balances and how to identify and quantify local productions capacities.

 Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy – Jobs

This paper aims to review terminology and methods in the literature relevant to jobs created by renewable and sustainable energy technologies. It selects and adopts one of these methods and ads to its breadth and utility. Based on the literature reviewed and the aim to identify jobs potential

  • For our research review on jobs created from various energy technologies please click here.
  • For complete table on jobs created per GWh please click here

County Council Planners and Elected Members Site Tours

Councillors pictured recently at at Hydro Turbine in HolycrossIn conjunction with South Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Energy Agency  organised multiple site visits to a range of Renewable Energy sites for planners and elected members. This is to enable decision makers have an evidence based decision and advice in relation to renewable energy.

 Carbon Foot-printing

This research aimed to embed a low carbon management programme with a community using local physical and social capital to engage residents and lower carbon dioxide emissions. An actor-driver matrix was developed such that appropriate research strategies were employed to engender ownership of the programme within the community.

Community Based Carbon Accounting – Ballina Case study