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Birdhill Energy Community

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Birdhill Energy CommunityBirdhill Tidy Village Committee was set up in 1991 and is famed for the massive environmental endeavor by its members and Birdhill residents. Their many activities include landscaping, planting, stone walling, collection of litter, waste minimization promotion, establishing walking routes and a heritage trail, developing a park and opening of woodland path and nature trail. The Committee recently carried out an Ecological Footprint of its households and has been working with Tipperary Energy Agency since. The committee entered the European Energy Neighbourhoods competition saving 13% of their energy in the first year. In their second year they saved a massive 31% and this meant imports of fossil fuels such as oil into the village for its home heating needs had been greatly reduced.

The Birdhill Tidy Village Committee were very impressed by the Drombane-Upperchurch’s energy retrofit scheme and approached Tipperary Energy Agency to support them doing similar. They felt that getting their homes energy efficient would compliment their energy saving behaviours and this will greatly reduce energy bills locally. The committee organized a survey so households for retrofit have been identified. They have been successful in acquiring money from SEAI and the retrofit carries on apace. A local insulation contractor has also been significant and this is similar to Drombane where local jobs were created by the energy efficiency retrofit achieved.

Once complete the monitoring of energy use by households in Birdhill should show extremely low use as together with savings such as the 31% achieved in Energyneighbourhoods they have significantly reduced the energy use of their homes. Tipperary Energy Agency plans to acquire this information and will publish news of this when it’s available.