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Canon Hayes Recreation Centre – Lighting

Project Type
Services Involved

Low energy LightingBetter Energy Community Applicant: 

Canon Hayes Recreation Centre was the grant beneficiary

Project Investment:

Project works = €16,622 inc VAT

  • TEA project management fee = €1,230 inc VAT
  • Cost of works after 50% grant = €8,208
  • Energy credits = € 1097.40

Energy Savings:

  • €4,609
  • 21,948kWh
  • 5 Tonnes

Project Payback:

  • After grant of 50% payback is 1.8 yrs
  • Also there are benefits that are not quantifiable such as:
    • Improved light levels
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Much improved appearance
    • Knock on impact of public using the building seeing the work done and replicating
    • Possible increased use of the building due to better comfort and appearance

Project Description:

  1. Low energy lighting retrofit in 11 areas in leisure centre
  2. T8 to T5 retrofit in areas without natural light but reasonable management of lighting
  3. T8 to LED tube retrofit in areas without natural light that have lights on for long periods of the day such as changing rooms
  4. T8 to T5 smart with daylight dimming and presence detection in areas with good daylight and occasional occupancy

Tipperary Energy Agency Role:

  1. Advertisement of grant scheme
  2. Energy audit
  3. Project identification
  4. Gathering of all required application details
  5. Advice to applicant during upgrade
  6. Grant application
  7. Grant administration
  8. Grant returns
  9. Measurement and verification of savings