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Drom Community Centre

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Drom Community Centre

BEC Applicant: 

Drom Community Centre was the grant beneficiary, North Tipperary Leader Partnership was the lead applicant

Project Investment:

  • Project works = €16,574 inc VAT
  • TEA project management fee = €1,230 inc VAT
  • Cost after 50% grant = €8,902

Energy Savings:

  • €664
  • 7,381kWh

Project Payback:

  • After grant of 50% payback is 12.48 yrs
  • It must be noted that the payback with this project should not be only based on financial payback from energy savings as the works included long payback items such as new energy efficient windows, which will future proof the building and removes the need to replace the old windows at some point in the near future. Also there are benefits that are not quantifiable such as:
    • Improved security
    • Lower maintenance costs (no need to paint pvc windows)
    • Much improved appearance to a centrally located community building
    • Knock on impact of public using the building seeing the work done and replicating
    • Improved comfort in the building
    • Possible increased use of the building due to better comfort and appearance

Project Description:

  • Cavity Wall insulation
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Attic insulation over stage

Tipperary Energy Agency Role: 

  • Advertisement of grant scheme
  • Gathering of all required application details
  • Advice to applicant during upgrade
  • Grant application
  • Grant administration
  • Grant returns
  • Measurement and verification of savings