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Energy Neighbourhoods

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energy-neighbourhoodsEnergy Neighbourhoods is the award winning IEE project which won the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award 2010. Energy Neighbourhoods2 was the successor of it and built on the idea of an energy saving between cities and citizens. City administrations and Local Authorities challenged their citizens in two consecutive years to save at least 9% energy in 4 months compared to the previous year. Tipperary Energy Agency were one of 16 partners across Europe and in each country 5-12 households formed an ‘Energy Neighbourhood’ and competed to save 9% energy or more in line with the 9% target of the Energy Service Directive.

The approach combined a competition on local, national and EU level with other measures, such as training for households and municipalities, consumption monitoring and local climate campaigns. Throughout the process, expert knowledge was provided to all participating households and information events were organised. Participating households were be supported by specially trained “Energy Masters”, volunteers from the neighbourhood to motivate their team, supervise data monitoring and provide project material.

The project’s main aims were to:
• Develop a user friendly energy monitoring webtool,
• Make householders aware of their carbon footprint,
• Raise awareness of energy efficient products and climate protection policies,
• Save at least 9% energy in each neighbourhood,
• Include an evaluation phase resulting in improved strategies and tools for new regions, and
• Provide information on CO2 friendly consumer choices.

Energy Neighbouhoods2 also held a large scale campaign over its 30 month period to raise the awareness of a broad public, using traditional and new social media. Participants themselves shared their conservation experiences using peer-to-peer communication to reach a broad European public and to raise awareness at consumer level.

The achievements of Energy Neighbourhoods were significant as it reached

  • 16 partners in 16 countries
  • 1400 neighbourhoods/communities across Europe
  • 14,500 European households
  • On average households made energy savings of 10%
  • A total of 5,661,872 kWh of energy was saved across Europe
  • 2,425 tonnes of carbon dioxide was saved
  • The winning Greek neighbourhood saved a staggering 65%,
  • The winning Irish neighbourhood were Emly (Co Tipperary) saving 37%, and they were
  • The second best energy saving Irish neighbourhood was Birdhill (Co Tipperary) with a 31% saving.

Project website address:

Our Role
Tipperary Energy Agency leveraged Local Authority and bridging organisation action to recruit households across Tipperary and in other counties including Cork, Galway and Waterford. We trained energy masters and householders in the webtool use. We also facilitated householders and communities to engage in energy saving using facilitation type workshops. Emly village community saved more than any other community in Ireland at 37%. Many low carbon workshops were held in Emly and other communities. One such workshop was the low carbon food workshops held across the competing communities. These made householders aware of issues such as energy intensive food production and transport, food miles etc.

The project is now complete.

Many resources were produced by the project and some of these are listed below:
1. The Full Energy Neighbourhoods Manual can be downloaded here
2. DIY Energy Audit
3. The Energy Neighbourhoods Meter Card
4. Copy of Energy Neighbourhoods Tank Calculator
5. Energy Neighbourhoods Evaluation Survey Final_pk
6. Less is best
7. Final Project Brochure