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European Enterprise Climate Cup

Services Involved

European Enterprise Climate CupEuropean Enterprises Climate Cup  was launched in May 2014 and will conclude in October 2016. EECC aims to enhance investments in energy efficiency improvements in offices and at home and to motivate for behavioural changes of employees actively involved.

The companies benefit from:
• Technical expertise to prioritise energy saving measures
• Good practice examples of companies.

In each country, 10 exemplary office buildings are audited on-site pointing out energy saving possibilities. These case studies are disseminated among enterprise networks and associations to motivate further SMEs to take action and to enter into the competition by registering for an online energy management tool, the interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA).
From each company one energy agent is trained to be responsible for the implementation of the information and motivation measures as well as for the data assessment by the iESA. In each country partners organise at least three workshops for energy agents to inform about energy efficiency measures, eco-labelled products and also on how to motivate employees to take action. During the workshops iESA use is explained and data are entered.

Employees are motivated to implement energy efficiency behaviour in their offices through the information channels of the companies by the energy agent supported by the management board. A communication guideline for CEOs will be elaborated to motivate employees and to optimise the benefits for the companies such as identification of employees with the company and external communication of the company’s engagement to the media and to clients. Thus, participating companies can use the EECC competition and all related activities for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept.
Partners prepare content for the companies’ information channels. Every two month, special energy topics (e.g. on heating, airing and cooling, stand-by, lighting) are advertising effective energy saving measures as well as eco-labelled green product to the companies and their employees.

The most successful company is awarded on national level and also on European level within a European Award Ceremony in Brussels. Companies contribute to EECC in providing their communication channels (e.g. Intranet, Newsletters, and Corporate Publishing) that will be filled with content delivered by the project partners and possibly some incentives/prizes for their staff to motivate them to take part to EECC.

Our Role

As part of the consortium Tipperary Energy Agency is tasked with:

• Recruiting SMEs
• Providing training to SMEs
• Auditing 10 SMEs exemplary offices
• Providing an advisory services to the recruited SMEs

As work package 3 leader:
The aim of this work package is to conduct and to survey all activities and results of the campaign as well as to survey the well function of the ESA software in each partner country/region. Additionally the European as well as the national winning companies will be evaluated. Based on the ESA data stock, energy consumption patterns of companies and their employees in participating countries are evaluated.