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Grundtvig - Lifelong LearningAll over Europe citizens are involved in local initiatives on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This project wants to make an inventory of the existing recruitment and education methods used by these initiatives. To reach the EU energy objectives the involvement of citizens in local initiatives is necessary. ┬áTo participate in this process in an effective way citizens and education organisations need best practices to reach as many people as possible and to educate them in an effective way. A specific challenge is to reach the vulnerable who could benefit hugely from energy saving initiatives. A brochure on the best practices of recruitment and education methods will be developed with a special attention to vulnerable groups. The brochure will be disseminated via training organisations, energy agencies, NGO’s, (international/national) umbrella organisations and Local Authorities. This aims to guide future energy initiatives by citizens and to provide the best guarantee for Europe to achieve the EU 20/20/20 objectives.

All partners of the project are currently involved in local energy initiatives and spend a lot of time in education and mobilizing active citizens. Each partner will describe their methods of recruitment and education. Via mutual study visits in the partner areas citizens and trainers will have the opportunity to study the working methods in the host area. The partners will together discuss the observations in workshops during the exchange visits. Methods will be selected and some of the selected practices will be tested in each area. The most successful methods will be described in a brochure that will be disseminated in each partner area, but also further in each partner country via the networks of the different partners (other energy agencies, umbrella associations of Local Authorities, education organisations, etc).

The transnational dimension of the project will be important for many reasons: instructors and learners will be able to meet other local actions on the energy issue, and learn from other methods of recruitment and education. They will have an international exchange experience with other local European citizens. They will see how other initiatives are capable to reach vulnerable citizens and they can try out those good practices in their own area.

grundtvigThis experience will obviously increase the solidarity between local groups of citizens and the European identity of the participants. By the fact that many groups all over Europe are working on local energy initiatives the good practices collected and disseminated by the project will be useful for many similar active citizens groups. The project offers possibilities to citizens for international contacts and sustainable cooperation, because all involved local groups will stay active in this domain and will be part of a broader citizen’s movement.

For the instructors the partnership gives opportunities to learn new approaches of recruitment and new education methods with which can diversify their learning methods in the future. The project gives in the same time the possibility to build out a network of groups involved in the same issues and local processes. This network offers great possibilities for further contacts and exchange of experiences and can be used in future education processes of the participating institutions (e.g. continuing contacts between instructors and/or learners via ICT tools as part of future education processes).

In summary the project offers opportunities to learners, teachers and staff to detect good practices and to test them in their own area and practice. The selected good practices will be described in a digital brochure and disseminated to many other local groups via the network on regional, national and European scale of the respective partners.

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Our Role
To host partner and community organisation visits to Tipperary green sites. To attend all the other partner visits (Holland, Turkey, Italy and Belgium) bringing interested community organisation representatives with us. Further to this we hosted a workshop in Drombane village which facilitated partners and community organisations to rank their preferred education and recruitment methods.