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Wood Pellet Boiler at Nenagh Leisure Centre

Nenagh Leisure CentreNenagh Town Council with the assistance of Tipperary Energy Agency have installed a 400kW KOB Pyrot wood pellet boiler and storage facility. 100% of the heat requirement for the building is now being catered for with wood pellet.

The economic benefit per kW delivered is in the region of 50%. The leisure centre has signed a supply and maintenance contract inclusive of all fuel (oil and wood pellet) with Clearpower ltd. This contract was developed by Tipperary Energy Agency which ensures that the operator is managing his installation to max efficiency removing the maintenance concerns from the Local Authority. This also gives a fixed cost per annum to the finance department. In the event the biomass plant stops the oil backup is automatically called into action. The cost of oil is 50% more than wood and as a result the operators are not going to allow that to continue for a sustained period of time.

The net effect of this renewable energy project is that the Carbon Footprint of the leisure centre will be dramatically reduced as the wood fuel is carbon neutral. The product is being delivered by road and the carbon deriving from transport of the fuel is also dramatically reduced. This compares favorably on the distance oil has to travel from the Middle East and the carbon amount accumulated in its lengthy journey by road, sea and road again.

45 kW solar photo-voltaic (PV) array2014 saw the leisure centre reopen after extensive refurbishment and the addition of a 45 kW solar photo-voltaic (PV) array on the roof of the pool hall. This system will produce approximately 37,000 kWh of electricity per annum, thereby providing over 10% of the buildings annual electricity demand from a clean renewable source for the expected 25+ year life time of the system.

We will be monitoring the performance of both the PV array and new heating system and placing some detailed information on the Carbon benefit of these renewable energy projects. We’ll keep you posted.