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Oughterard Water Treatment Plant Pump Retrofit

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Energy in Local Authorities,

pump retrofit Tipperary Energy Agency carried out a detailed energy audit on Oughterard Water Treatment Plant in October 2012 on behalf of Galway County Council. The energy audit report identified significant opportunities to reduce energy consumption at the plant. By retrofitting the existing final water pump with a more efficient model at a hydraulic efficiency in excess of 80% coupled to a premium efficiency IE3 motor and reducing the operational flow rate to minimise friction losses in the pumping system.

Clearly committed to energy efficiency, Galway County Council were keen to implement the energy audit recommendations at the plant. The pump retrofit was approved for part funding under the SEAI Better Energy for Communities programme 2013. The pump retrofit was procured and project managed by the Tipperary Energy Agency on behalf of Galway County Council.

The pump retrofit will reduce overall energy costs at the plant by 34% and reduce treated water pumping costs by 54.4%, saving 116,989 kWh annually. The overall pump system efficiency has increased from 29.8% to 61.7%. The project has an excellent simple payback of six months on Galway Co.Co capital expenditure, taking into account grant funding of 35% from the SEAI.

Picture above – Oughterard 30 kW High Efficiency Hi-Lift Pump + IE3 Motor