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Sustainable EnergyThe Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment (SERVE) Project was initiated in November 2007 and concluded in October 2012. The SERVE Project is funded under the EU CONCERTO Programme. The overall aim of the SERVE project is to create a rural community which is a leading example in both energy efficiency and renewable energy, through the demonstration of best practice and state-of-the-art technologies.

The project objectives comprise:
• Complete refurbishment actions on 400 buildings in SERVE Region to bring their energy performance in line with 2006 Building Regulations (40% reduction in energy use, as measured in the EU Concerto – delivered energy per gross external area methodology)
• Install 350 renewable energy systems (wood pellet systems, solar etc.) in existing buildings to increase renewable energy supply by 200%
• Construct 132 units in an Eco-Village in Cloughjordan with energy performance 30% better than the 2006 Building Regulations
• Construct Ireland’s first large scale District Heating system based on wood and solar in the Eco-Village
• Complete a wide range of monitoring and evaluation of energy performance within the SERVE Region
• Provide training and information within the SERVE Region to stimulate further action in the field of sustainable energy
• Complete socio-economic analysis of the impacts of the actions within the SERVE Region.

The project has triggered an investment of €8.5m in sustainable energy actions in North Tipperary. 400 buildings have been upgraded, 500 individual renewable energy heating systems installed, 50 Eco Buildings constructed, two district heating systems and 2MW of biomass heating systems installed. Detailed analysis of energy performance, investment and cost benefit has been completed as well as providing training to over 200 people.

Our Role

Tipperary Energy Agency’s role was the technical lead partner within the consortium. As part of this function we project managed the energy efficiency upgrades, installation of monitoring equipment and participated in technical analysis of the monitored data.


Retrofitting Reports

SERVE Retrofit and Electricity Analysis

SERVE Retrofitting Policy Recommendations

SERVE Wood Stoves Specification November 2009

SERVE Eco Building Retrofitting Final Report

SERVE RES Retrofitting Report Final

Eco Village Reports

SERVE EcoBuilding Eco Village Final

Socio Economic Research

SERVE SocioEconomic Baseline Survey November 2008

SERVE Socio Economic Analysis 2010
SERVE Deep Retrofit – Economic Analysis Final 2012
SERVE Final Socio Economic Baseline Analysis 2012
SERVE Eco Village ESCO Study 2012

Sustainable Energy Research

SERVE Green_Electricity_Purchasing December_2009
SERVE Large Wind Option for EcoVillage Dec 2009
SERVE On-site generation Local Grid for EcoVillage Dec 2009
SERVE Medium Wind Load Control EcoVillage December 2009
SERVE SERVE Micro Generation Survey 2012
SERVE Economic Benefits of Biomass CHP Eco Village April 2010

Case Studies
Specific Case Studies are being produced from relevant aspects of the project. These will include general case studies and detailed case studies. Such studies will be developed overtime.

Retrofitting Case Studies

SERVE Energy Efficiency Retrofitting General Case Studies
SERVE EcoBuilding Retrofitting Phase 2 Residential Case Study Final
Eco Village Case Studies
The following case studies profile some of houses constructed in the Eco-Village
SERVE Case Study Site 25 Conf Site Visit
SERVE Case Study Site 91 Conf Site Visit rev2
SERVE Case Study Site 104 Conf Site Visit

Socio Economic Case Studies

A number of Case Studies have been completed which focus on the socio-economic aspects of the SERVE Project. In 2011 6 homeowners and 6 contractors were interviewed to get their views on the SERVE project and sustainable energy retrofitting in general.

Contractor Case Studies
SERVE Contractor Case Study 1 Final
SERVE Contractor Case Study 2 Final
SERVE Contractor Case Study 3 Final
SERVE Contractor Case Study 4 Final
SERVE Contractor Case Study 5 Final
SERVE Contractor Case Study 6 Final

Homeowner Case Studies
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 1
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 2
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 3
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 4
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 5
SERVE Homeowner Case Study 6