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Tipperary Town Technology Park – Insulation, Lighting & Heating

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Tipp Town Technology ParkOn behalf of Tipperary Town Technology Park, Tipperary Energy Agency applied for a SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) Better Energy Community (BEC) grant in 2015.
The grant was sought to improve the quality of light in the building using energy efficient lighting and technology while simultaneously reducing the annual energy cost. Standard lighting can account for up to 55% of the electrical energy usage within most buildings. Savings of approximately 60% – 70% can be achieved using energy efficient lighting.

The existing roof cover was found to be near the end of its life, as a lot of perishing and bubbling to the weather membrane was starting to appear. These defects started to cause leaks and also had a significant impact on the heating loads of the building. The refurbished roof consists of 100mm Sika Therm insulation with a 2mm Sika-Trocal waterproofing membrane which provides a sealed barrier from weather elements. The external walls were pumped with platinum coated bonded beads and the overall works completed improved the u-value from 0.412w/m²K to 0.14w/m²K.

Heating controls were added to the building to provide a comfortable work environment for the occupants and to control the heating time of the working area of the building.

old-roof-at Tipp Town Technology Park

The completed works will give a saving of 9,530 Kwh on electrical consummation and 36,147 Kwh on terminal consummation.

Tipperary Energy Agency acted as Project Managers for the duration of the project to ensure works were carried out to the required specification.



new-roof-at Tipp Town Technology Park

Tipperary Town Technology Park consists of:
• 30 rooms
• Computer room
• 2 Offices
• 3 sets of Toilets
• 3 Corridors
• Total Number of occupancy 15

Project by Numbers
Savings – Proposed savings of € 3,427.00 per annum
Total Cost – € 158,352 After a 50% SEAI grant the cost was € 79,176.00