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Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme

Project Type
Services Involved
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Warmer Homes SchemeBEC Applicant:

  • Project Coordinator: Tipperary Energy Agency
  • Lead Applicant: Leetherm Insulation

Project Investment: € 287,743.61
Energy Savings:704125 kWhr

Energy Supplier Involvement:

Electric Ireland (obligated energy supplier) contributed advice and financial support to the project. The energy supplier financially supported approximately 25 % of the project costs.

Tipperary Energy Agency Role:

Tipperary Energy Agency took on the role of Project Coordinator in this project. This required Tipperary Energy Agency to apply for grant funding and compile a suitable project proposal for approval by SEAI. The project was co funded by SEAI and Electric Ireland.

Project Description:

Tipperary Energy Agency used an open and transparent competitive dialogue procurement process to procure the contractor, who also acted as Lead Applicant.

The project lead to improved thermal efficiency of homes and in particular these homes at risk from energy poverty by offering free retrofit installation to all homeowners in receipt of predefined income supplement, as set out by SEAI. Homeowners not in receipt of income supplement could avail of the works for a flat fee of €295.

The project demonstrates a partnership approach between Tipperary Energy Agency, the works contractor who was Leetherm Project Management, homeowners and energy provider.

This project saw 147 privately owned houses in Tipperary retrofitted with:

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Ventilation to the living and attic space
  • Draught proofing
  • Supply of CFL bulbs and energy monitors
  • Installation of 5 free wood burning stoves. The stoves were allocated via a raffle.

The measures above were chosen from the past experience of the Tipperary Energy Agency, cavity wall insulation and attic insulation have proven to be low impact, robust energy upgrade works which offer great value for money as the first pass in the retrofit of these dwellings.

A comprehensive marketing campaign was undertaken in order to aid in the recruitment of homeowners for the project which included advertising via radio, local papers, residents associations, parish newsletters and Tipperary Energy Agency’s Facebook. An overwhelming response was received.

The Tipperary Energy Agency-developed database, Local Authority Social Housing Management Upgrade System (LASHUMS), a shared service specifically developed to assist in the large scale upgrade of houses, was used to aid in the project management of the scheme. This helped to reduce the administrative workload from surveying, quality management, health and safety management and document control in one place. All member of the project team used the database throughout the project and this lead to a very fluid work flow between parties.

This innovative approach to upgrade work helped achieve value for money, while stimulating employment in the community. It also shows the value of a locally community driven area based retrofit.


2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme

Full details of the 2015 Tipperary Warmer Homes Scheme are available here