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Roscrea Company Announced as Irish winner of European Energy Competition

Managing Director of J.F. Walsh packaging Shauna Walsh in Brussles recently at the European Enterprises Climate Cup prize giving ceremony.At a ceremony in Brussels recently, J.F. Walsh Packaging from Roscrea were announced as the Irish winners of the European Enterprise Climate Cup competition. The European Enterprises Climate Cup (EECC) is an EU-funded project that aimed to support SMEs to be more aware and engaged in their energy efficiency management. As part of the project, Tipperary Energy Agency invited SMEs to enter a competition to reduce their energy consumption.

J.F. Walsh Packaging is an Irish Company and has been manufacturing paper bags in Roscrea, Co since 1969. The company has a wide range of customers from the small local newsagents to high street retailers.

J.F. Walsh was one of the first companies to enter the EECC energy competition in Ireland. The motivation for Managing Director Shauna Walsh was that energy cost was a considerable overhead for the business. Electricity cost in particular was a challenge and the company had not benefited from the reductions in energy prices. Speaking in Brussles Shauna Walsh said ‘I was delighted to represent J.F Walsh at the ceremony. We really enjoyed working with Tipperary Energy Agency for the past year to reduce our energy consumption and are looking forward to putting the €2000 prize money to good use with regards to further energy reductions’.

A detailed audit was carried out by Tipperary Energy Agency at the start of the project. As a result the company implemented a number of changes including; LED lighting upgrade in offices, partial electric motor upgrading and power factor improvement. These changes alone resulted in a 12% energy saving.

As a result of winning the EECC competition, J.F. Walsh will benefit from a €2000 investment, which will go further to improving the energy efficiency of their business.