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Bio Energy Mentions

South East Bio Energy Plan Launched

The South East Region’s BioEnergy Implementation Plan 2013 to 2020 has been launched by Minister of State Fergus O’ Dowd. Tipperary Energy Agency contributed as part of the steering committee. Please find the article on the launch in the New Ross Standard and Wexford People news papers. Meeting the targets in the plan will help

The future of biofuels

Biofuels have long been discussed as a possible alternative to fossil fuels, but their high prices and mediocre performances have kept big oil corporations and much of the public away. In today’s post, however, Madison Jones explores the new technological breakthroughs that are making biofuels a viable and feasible fuel resource. Madison notes that with

Are you planning on growing miscanthus or willow?

If you are planning on growing miscanthus or willow you could be eligible for the new establishment grant which is now available.  Aid is payable on 50% of the approved costs associated with establishing the crop, subject to a maximum payment rate of €1,300 per hectare and each applicant must grow a minimum of 3

Minister Rabbitte addresses National BioEnergy Conference, February 2012

Irish BioEnergy Association (IrBEA) 11th National BioEnergy Conference Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross 09.00AM, Thursday 16 February 2012   I would like to thank Tom and the Irish BioEnergy Association for inviting me here today to open your conference and launch its report on The Economic Benefits of the Development of Bioenergy in Ireland.