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Energy Efficiency Mentions

Ireland’s Largest Photovoltaic Solar Panel Project is Completed

Ireland’s largest photovoltaic solar panel project has just been completed.  9 public buildings throughout County Tipperary have been kitted out with massive solar panel arrays totaling 800 panels.  Such buildings include fire stations, libraries, civic offices and a leisure centre.  As a result of this Tipperary County Council project, Ireland’s total PV capacity has been

Grants Available for Businesses to Invest in Energy Efficiency

Notifying all businesses! – Grants are available in 2014! Now is the perfect time to invest in energy efficiency. Prices are reasonable, the SEAI Better Energy Communities grant scheme is available for suitable projects and Tipperary Energy Agency is ready to assist you in applying successfully for it. Tipperary Energy Agency will be assisting suitable

30 School Visits This Year!

 As the school year has ended we have had a chance to look back to the  involvement we had throughout the year with  our local schools. As part of the SEAI Energy Awareness programme for schools  we have engaged with 30 local school and a total of about 1676 children!!! travelled up as far as

County Tipperary Village places sixth at Energy ‘Eurovision’ Finals!

The County Tipperary village of Emly has placed sixth at the Energy ‘Eurovision’ finals. A total of 16 European countries competed at the European Energy Neighbourhoods competition, culminating in the finale in Brussels on June 28. Countries such as Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Austria were all represented. The eventual winners hailed from Greece.

Energy Efficiency Course for Trades People

A heavily subsidised training course, for trades people which will help raise their understanding of energy efficiency in buildings, is to start soon in Cork and Dublin. For actual course content click here.  For course detail and schedule click here. If you are interested follow the details in the course detail and schedule and contact CIT or ITB immediately