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John Tooher

HR Co-Ordinator

Staff Engagement, Communications, Policies and Employee Handbook

John joined the agency in November 2019 as the HR Co-Ordinator. John has gained his varied Human Resource experience by living through the process of implementing cultural and structural change in either a Partnership model or in the more traditional IR environment.

In his career to date he has successfully interwoven his People Skills as a full time Union Official and Partnership Co-Ordinator in the Telecommunications Industry until 2005 and as a Human Resource Business Partner and Employee Relations Manager in the Aviation Industry thereafter. Adding to these skills he has evolved as trained Facilitator. So, it was a natural next step that he qualified as a Workplace Mediator in 2014.

In the past where dynamic changes in work practices were a serious, concern and challenge for both management and employees alike, John was instrumental in converting them in general, as a way of life rather than something to be feared. He is confident that the key to this success is gaining people’s “Trust” and that is an area that he has worked at consistently in all of his various roles to date.

John has one Golden Rule “Be Hard on the Issue and not the Individual”