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Paula Gallagher

Vice Chief Executive Officer

Strategic Energy & Project Management, Client Relations, Procurement, Finance, Business Case Development, Energy Efficiency Policy

B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Masters in Environmental Science, Masters in Manufacturing Technology


Paula is a scientist and energy expert who has been the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Tipperary Energy Agency since 2015. Paula helps provide leadership and strategic direction to the Agency, including advancing its public sector energy management strategy. She also holds overall responsibility for co-ordination of client services, such as the energy management and advisory service. Prior to joining the Agency she worked in environmental management for 12 years, in both public and private sectors. Industrially, she has had leading roles in companies implementing environmental policy solutions for the food industry.

Paula earned a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Dublin City University. She received her M.Tech in Manufacturing Technology from University of Limerick and her M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Sligo Institute of Technology. Paula is currently manager of an EU funded project Publenef which focuses on assisting public bodies to implement energy efficiency policy. Paula is actively involved in the Sustainable Tipp programme aiming to deliver €37M investment in Tipperary over the next 3 years.