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Siona Daly

Vice CEO

Mechanical Engineering
Energy Management
Energy Performance Contracting
Building Management

Siona Daly is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Certified Energy Manager. She has 11 years energy engineering experience having previously worked for the Tipperary Energy Agency as an Energy Engineer from 2008 – 2011. She then worked in the Energy Services business in Western Canada where she worked on several Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) projects. After returning to Ireland in 2015, she worked as an EPC project development engineer in a large multinational company in Dublin. Siona has extensive experience in energy engineering in particular in projects related to HVAC, Automation, Building Management Systems, Mechanical Services and Lighting projects. Siona re-joins the Tipperary Energy Agency as the Vice CEO, as the Senior Energy Manager to Tipperary County Council and Head of the Non-Residential team in the Nenagh office. Siona is also a Registered Energy Auditor with SEAI.