Tipperary Energy Agency welcomes the Report from the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action

A major report which recommends immediate actions and responses to Climate Change was launched yesterday.  The cross-party report on climate action is the first political report which recognises the urgency of action on climate change. It sets out 40 recommendations which emerged after an inclusive consultation process and exhaustive assessment of options. The actions recommended cover buildings, transport, agriculture and set out a number of key objectives.

While there is a specific recommendation on carbon tax, the report will lead to dramatic change in our society as a result of the following:

  • Net Zero carbon 2050 in line with the Paris agreement and climate science.
  • A genuinely robust, politically independent governance structure needs to be put in place.
  • Transformation of transport, buildings, agriculture and other sectors of society.
  • The provision of a just transition where people who are affected by closure of high carbon businesses are looked after.
  • Mandating of government to push for higher European carbon targets including a carbon floor price in the EU Emissions Trading System to encourage lower carbon electricity.
  • The requirement to adequately resource the Department of Climate Action and local energy agencies to provide a one stop shop model of societal support like the Tipperary Energy Agency

The CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency Paul Kenny said, “We strongly welcome the ambition of the all-party Climate Action committee and while there is disagreement on a small number of issues, there is broad consensus on how the state could become a leader in climate action.” He added that “The comprehensive nature of the report details the outcomes and many of the policies that are required.  There is a considerable amount of work to be completed by the civil servants to implement the proposal. If we are to see genuine action, the severe under-resourcing of the Department of Climate Action and the other state and local agencies needs to be addressed. The public and private sectors will need hundreds of experts to implement this scale of challenge”

Seamus Hoyne, Founder and Chair of the board of Tipperary Energy Agency detailed “The urgency on climate action is increasing with each passing day. While the report is a key turning point in Ireland’s political direction, we need to see action on the ground from this. I strongly welcome the call to establish one-stop-shops in each local authority area modelled on the 21-year-old Tipperary Energy Agency. The Local Energy Agency is a European idea that delivers in regions and countries across Europe, as it does in Tipperary.  Countries and regions across Europe have recognised the need for local supports to enable the climate transition.  The Tipperary Energy Agency will continue to do everything it can to enable citizens participate in this transition journey.”

Former Director General of DG Energy, and current Tipperary Energy Agency Board Member Marie Donnelly stated “ I strongly welcome the climate based trajectory that the committee has adopted. This ambition for Ireland to become a leader will need to see 32% of all of our energy come from renewable energy supported by 70% of our electricity to come from renewables by 2030.”