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Free Consultation for Your Energy Project

BEC image collageIf your organisation/SME has a potential energy efficiency project, we can help. Tipperary Energy Agency can offer a FREE consultation regarding an your energy project. Projects can include:

· LED Lighting Upgrades
· Upgrading heating systems to Heat Pumps or Biomass
· Upgrading of HVAC system
· CHP installations
· Building Fabric Upgrades
· Renewables Energy Installations such as PV
· Innovative Energy Saving Projects

We can also offer the following services:

· Assistance with project realisation
· Assistance with funding through grant scheme and financial institutions
· Risk Mitigation
· Unique Contract setup
· Project Design
· Project Management
· Procurement
· Commissioning

As part of the European energy saving initiative Horizon 2020, we are working on the EPC+ project. Under this initiative we are undertaking pilot projects to investigate the suitability for EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) projects for SME’s.

If you have a project you may feel is suitable please feel free to contact Liam O’Dwyer, Tipperary Energy Agency e: for further information.