PROSPECT+ builds on the results and success of the previous H2020 project, PROSPECT, that enabled over 150 cities and regions to learn from their peers about innovative financing schemes and implement specific energy projects.

The overall aim is to develop a training programme where local and regional authorities will interactively solve problems with their specific sustainable energy projects, to both identify and either overcome (i.e. lack of trained and knowledgeable staff), or surpass their lack of capacity (i.e. when referring to market or macroeconomic conditions which cannot be easily influenced).

The learning will continue through the 5 learning modules (public buildings, private buildings, public lighting, transport, and cross-sectoral), with more attention given to improved decision-making of cities on how they choose projects for financing, as well as how to assess and ensure that their projects are finance-ready.

PROSPECT+ intends to engage all Member States and empower them to make smarter decisions about implementing energy efficiency measures with innovative financing. The ambition is to ensure that over 200 EU cities in at least 20 EU MS improve their capacities when it comes to implementing projects from SECAPs and similar sustainable plans.


Funding is provided by the EU Commission HORIZON2020 programme


2021 – 2025