The aim of Superhomes 2030 is to dramatically scale the Superhomes offer in Ireland from a model which completes 100/€6m worth of NZEB Homesretrofits per annum in 2019 to 500/€36m per annum by 2023,and 3,000/€150m per annum by 2030 (10% of National Target). The expanded and improved Superhomes service would result in 48 GWh savings (between 2020 and 2023) compared to a Business as Usual scenario of 27GWh. This ambition will be achieved through the development of

  • 4 Regional Superhome One Stop Shops which will engage 80 High Performance Contractors to deliver quality retrofits nationally
  • capacity building and training for homeowners/surveyors/contractors/technical staff (>200 people trained)
  • attractive finance solutions independent of public finances, financing >€67m per annum by 2030
  • optimisation of technical analysis and design systems and solutions.
  • creation of open source energy performance data platforms which demonstrate the value of undertaking NZEB retrofits to the market

A Growth Strategy will be developed which will inform Innovative Business models based on the concept of regional “one stop shop”. Superhomes2030 will facilitate a Deep Retrofit Community of Practice (CoP) across Europe where leading experts, practitioners and agencies involved in Deep Retrofit will share experience, knowledge and competency thus driving the retrofit agenda. Technical solutions using best practice standards will be developed which will be future proofed to include new innovations and technical solutions. Opportunities to expand the Superhomes model outside of Ireland will also be explored, using linkages created through the European Heat Pump Association and FEDARENE.

If successful Superhomes 2030 will implement 10% of all retrofits in Ireland by 2030 and a total investment of €657mfrom 2020 to 2030, supporting 13,000 FTE jobs in the construction and retrofitting sector, and saving 167 kilotonnes of CO2.


Funding for this project is provided by the EU’s H2020 programme.


The project will run for 36 months from June 2020.


  • Tipperary Energy Agency
  • Limerick Institute of Technology
  • European Heat Pump Association
  • Sustainability Works
  • ESB

Visit the SuperHomes website here.