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Following on from our work of helping to set up Templederry Community Windfarm, Ireland’s first community owned windfarm, we are now delighted to be supporting Community Power.

Community Power is Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier.  They are a partnership of community energy groups working for a sustainable energy future for Ireland.  They grew out of Ireland’s first community owned wind farm, Templederry Wind Farm in Co Tipperary, and now are working with Irish communities to develop more renewable energy projects owned by people!

It took almost 12 years to build the first, and only wind farm, and it has been operating from the foothills of Slieve Feilim since 2016. The two turbines are generating about 15 GWh of electricity every year, which is about the amount of electricity used by the town of Nenagh.  Now Community Power are buying renewably generated electricity from a handful of small and micro hydro and wind generators across Ireland and selling it to their customers to use in their homes, businesses, farms and community buildings.

Their mission is to support Ireland to run on clean, renewable power, but as if that’s not enough they also think people should also have a real stake in it, and own it for themselves.  Community Power recognise that Ireland’s energy system is in crisis, with over 90% reliance on climate polluting fossil fuels, but many people are struggling to pay high energy bills in cold homes.  That’s why they are working to make sure the many benefits of generating renewable power is shared by the people and communities of Ireland.

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