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SMART ReFlexSmart and Flexible 100 % Renewable District Heating and Cooling Systems for European Cities


Aims of the Project

The SmartReFlex project aims to increase the development of smart and flexible district heating and cooling (DHC) systems, based on high shares of renewable energy sources (RES), in European cities.

• Improvement in regional legislation, supporting the implementation of high-RES DHC;
• Integration of high-RES DHC in heat planning at regional and local level;
• Creation of cooperatively-owned companies for managing high-RES DHC systems;
• Study, planning and supporting of new high-RES DHC projects at local level.

• 3 years
• 1st March 2014 to 1st March 2017


  • Steinbeis Forschungs- und Innovationszentren GmbH
  • ANCI Emilia-Romagna
  • Hamburg Institute
  • German Heat & Power Association: Project Company for rationalization, information and standardization
  • XD Sustainable Energy Consulting Ltd
  • Tipperary Energy Agency
  • PlanEnergi
  • Catalonia Institute for Energy Research
  • Catalan Land Institute
  • Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Area of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Kerry County Council

• PlanEnergi, DDHA: know-how providers from Denmark and transnational consultancy team;
• AMBIT, SFZ, Hamburg Institute, XD Consulting, IREC: transnational consultancy team;
• ANCI ER, TEA, KCC, INCASOL, MELUR: regional implementing partners;
• AGFW, AIRU: DHC utilities providing needs, know-how and dissemination capacity.

Project website –

Tipperary Energy Agency’s Role

Tipperary Energy Agency is implementing the project in county Tipperary at local level and on a national / regional level.

The structure and activities in Ireland are:
• Three Partners in Ireland; XD Consulting, Kerry County Council and Tipperary Energy Agency
• Overall aim is to improve policy & capacity for DH and to bring two DH projects to development stage.

o Survey of RES DHC framework
o National & Local levels
o Produce a strategy – legislative and market opportunities
o Task forces – working group National, Kerry and Tipperary established
o To establish ownership in the managing authority
• Capacity Building
o Working seminars – Training for key stakeholders (linked to task force)
o Design & planning
o Technical
o Organizational & financial
• Initiating 100% RES DHC & Implementation

o Support the development of regional & local RES DHC policy and institutional frameworks
o Support the implementation of RES DHC projects (Kerry & Tipperary)
o Monitoring and Evaluation

Important Updates

• The official kick off meeting of the project was on 14th & 15th April 2014
• The project was publically announced in Ireland at the district heating workshop, Cloughjordan Co Tipperary on 13th June 2014


District Heating Guide for regional authorities published.
Within the SmartReFlex project a guide for regional authorities in Europe was produced. It gives recommendations on creating, organising
and managing a process for the introduction to market of district heating & cooling (DHC) systems with a high percentage of renewable energy
sources (RES).  SmartReFlex District Heating Guide for Local Authorities


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