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Sustainable TippSustainable Tipp is the planned energy transformation of Tipperary’s housing, commercial, public and community buildings over three years. It is an opportunity for communities, farmers, homeowners and business owners to save energy, save money and become more sustainable. Your Energy , Your Future.

In 2017 Tipperary’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) was formally adopted by Tipperary County Council. This plan was created following Tipperary’s commitment to The Covenant of Mayors, the world’s largest movement for local climate and energy actions. This plan explains the steps that need to be taken to reduce Tipperary’s CO2 emissions by 30% by 2020.

That same year, Tipperary Energy Agency, announced that the European Investment Bank (EIB) is to support the actions of the SEAP. This action plan includes 32 actions which will reduce Tipperary’s energy related CO2 emissions by 2020 (link to actions page) These actions cover a wide range of sectors including agriculture, education, planning, residential, local authority and the commercial sector. You can read the full plan here

Following the approval of the SEAP for County Tipperary and the Support from the European Investment Bank, Sustainable Tipp was born. Sustainable Tipp will endeavour to keep Tipperary citizens up to date on the actions and progress of the SEAP, as there are opportunities for everyone in Tipperary.

The main objectives of the Sustainable Tipp are:

• To promote and encourage greater energy efficiency in Tipperary
• To reduce Tipperary’s dependency on imported energy by encouraging renewable Developments
• To create employment through the deployment of renewable infrastructure and widespread energy efficiency upgrades
• To reduce energy poverty
• To ensure that small and medium sized businesses are made aware of the financial rewards associated with increased energy efficiency
• To raise awareness of Tipperary’s obligations and opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
• To foster the opportunities in energy efficiency and production in the agricultural sector
• To facilitate greater capacity building within all associated institutions.

The partners/stakeholders on the Sustainable Tipp campaign are:

    • Teagasc
    • North Tipperary Leader
    • South Tipperary Development Company
    • Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary
    • Limerick Institute of technology
    • Public Participation Network
    • Tipperary County Council
    • Tipperary Energy Agency

Visit the SustainableTipp website here.

Citizens Leading the Energy Transition Conference