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Tipperary Healthy Homes SchemeTipperary Healthy Homes scheme is aimed primarily at Tipperary homeowners who are suffering from COPD or asthma in pre 2006 built homes and who are also in receipt of certain social welfare payments. It is run by Tipperary Energy Agency and is funded by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Electric Ireland and co funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The aim of the scheme is to move the homeowner away from fossil fuel heating systems and replace with a heat pump and demand controlled ventilation, along with other measures that will raise the Building Energy Rating to a near A3. This will provide the homeowner with a warmer home which has healthier indoor air quality, resulting in lower running costs and less energy consumption.

The pioneering programme was piloted in 2017 and 20 Tipperary Homes received a full energy retrofit,  raising their Building Energy Rating from some of the lowest to a near A3.  The value of the grant was an average of €52,000. 95% of the cost was state funded.

Many of the homes had open fireplaces and were burning coal/peat and often was the main heating source. Open fires are the poorest efficiency heating systems available. The dust and pollutants from coal fires are known to exacerbate certain lung conditions. Therefore the fireplaces on these retrofits were sealed thus eliminating associated dust and helping to correct air tightness levels.

By the end of 2018, a further 22 homes in Tipperary will be retrofitted to an A3 standard, resulting in a warmer healthier home. It is hoped that further funding will be secured next year.

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